How much are tutors paid?

Tutors are paid a competitive hourly rate. Although hourly rates are set, the tutors' earnings are calculated per minute for all completed tutoring sessions.

If a student schedules a session in advance, tutors will be paid for the full scheduled time once the student enters the online classroom. If a student does not show for a scheduled session, tutors are asked to wait 15 minutes in the classroom and will receive payment for the 15 minutes of wait time.

If a tutor invites a student to start a session from an Instant Help Request (an instant session completed on the platform), there is a 5 minute grace period to allow both the tutor and student to determine if it is a good fit. Sessions that do not last longer than the grace period of 5 minutes are not considered for payment. Once this grace period has passed there is a 15 minute minimum payment, so if you complete a session between 5 and 15 minutes in length tutors will be paid for 15 minutes of tutoring.

If a tutor accepts a Dispatch Request (an instant session completed on the Skooli Unlimited platform), tutors are paid a flat hourly rate for each minute completed of a successful tutoring session.

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