How will I be matched with a student?

On, students are free to choose the tutor they feel best suits their needs. Students start by searching for the subject and grade level for which they require tutoring, then are able to select one or multiple tutors with whom to send a tutoring session request. Be on the lookout for request notifications in your inbox.

Tutors are not able to initiate communication with students, however, students may send you direct messages to determine if you can help with their tutoring needs. To ensure you are credited for your time, encourage the student to book a session with you to speak in the Skooli classroom; do not respond to content-related questions via chat.

For Dispatch Sessions completed on the Skooli Unlimited platform, students are not free to choose their tutor. A request is submitted with the student's subject area of need and tutors with matching profile information receive that live request. Dispatch Sessions are fulfilled on a first come, first served basis.

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