Who can tutor for Skooli?

Skooli holds a high standard for tutor requirements. In addition to creating a strong profile based around subjects of need, all tutors are required to verify their application by providing the following documents:

    • A government issued photo ID
    • A copy of their highest completed degree or transcripts - should an applicant not hold teaching credentials, a minimum of a Master's degree may be accepted
    • Copies of any teaching licensure, if applicable (i.e. state/provincial licensure or language qualification such as TEFL)

For a more complete and professional profile, tutors may choose to submit the following:

    • A criminal record check completed within the last 12 months

As with any job, not every application can be accepted. The Skooli team reviews each application to ensure profiles are well written, that all details are correct, and most importantly, meet our current needs. Needs are often based on the current curriculum needs of students. 


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