What are the technical requirements for using Skooli as a tutor?

Skooli and the Skooli classroom are accessible via internet connections of at least 2MB/s. On desktops and laptops, only an internet browser is required. There is no software to download.

While Skooli is also accessible on tablets for students, tutors are required to have a desktop or laptop setup to ensure that all features of the digital whiteboard are accessible to them. A working camera, headphones/speakers and microphone are also required. We also highly recommend tutors use a drawing tablet connected to their laptop for a better experience. Tutors can test their device's compatibility using the demo classroom.

Tutors should be aware that we recommend students use a laptop or desktop as well, but a tablet may be used with Google Chrome. In these cases, not all features of the whiteboard may be functional for the student, and you are welcome to suggest that they try using a laptop or desktop computer instead.

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